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New Update R16
posted Tue Sep 9, 2014 12:10 am

A new update is out!

Download Here:

The two big things in this new update are an improved sign up form and a plugin.  **Also, the new changes didn’t affect the database in anyway so if you are already running a site you do not have to run the updater this time around. You just need to upload the files.**

For the improved sign up form, you can now connect profile options to member application components. This will allow for members to, set their games played, recruiter, etc through the sign up form. When their application is accepted the values will roll over to their actual account, unlike in the past only the username, password and e-mail would stick with the account.

The Twitch plugin creates a new page on your site that displays all users that have added a Twitch username in their profile. To view a demo page of this go to: Once you install the plugin, go to it’s plugin settings page and select the correct social media to connect it to. It will automatically select Twitch if you have it added to your site already, otherwise a link will appear letting you quickly add it. Once it’s set up, anyone can add their twitch username to their profile and it will show up on the Twitch Streams page.

Other than that, I’m continuing to work on converting everything over to make it easier to start developing themes that are mobile friendly. That’s still a little bit away from being done, but it’s slowly getting there :)  I’ve also added in quick reply on the forums, so now there is a way to just reply on the topic page rather than going to a new page to make a post.

For new themes, there are 3 this time around: Ribbon WoW, Ribbon Camo and Ribbon DBZ. They are all similar styles, though they are based around different themes. One is based around World of Warcraft, one is an army camo style theme, and the last is a DBZ theme. I had a request for all three of these styles and being that most of the past few updates have been more reorganization rather than actual new stuff, I felt adding more than 1 theme at a time will hopefully make up for it. 

For the next update, I’m going to be putting most of my focus into e-mail notifications and just in general making e-mail from within the scripts better. My main goals are to set up notifications for when tournaments or events are about to start, when you receive a PM and also a way for leaders to e-mail everyone in their clan through the site. I’m going to make it so you can turn the notifications on/off as well.

That’s all for this update. If you have any questions feel free to comment below, post on the forums or tweet at me @bluethrust.

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