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New Theme and maybe starting v5?
posted Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:15 pm


A new theme is now up on the themes page for World of Tanks.  You can see a demo of it right now at: 

I haven’t worked much on new features for the scripts since the last update.  Just been checking the forums for any bugs and been trying to fix those as they come up. 

I started my first real web development job at the beginning of January.  I’ve only ever done fun side projects on my own and so working with a team for the first time I’ve learned a lot of good methods to organizing your code.  I kind of want to re-organize everything like how it’s done at my job now.  It will make maintaining and managing the Clan Scripts a lot easier.  I’m 90% sure I want to do it, but it will be a massive overhaul, it might even mean making it version 5 just because a lot of the code will probably have to change.  I’ve also learned a ton about SQL and making way more efficient database queries.  If I were to start a version 5, it would probably mean an end to any new features on v4.  I’d still work on fixing bugs, but that would most likely be it.  But the good things to starting a new version would mean I’d be able to plan ahead for a lot of things that I’ve learned from building v4, like mobile friendliness, plugins and those kinds of things that are really hard to implement after a ton of code has already been written as it is with v4.

I’m still mulling this over in my head, but I really want to do it.  Let me know if you hate the idea or if you like it in the comments or on the forums.

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